With the number of Hosting companies increasing and the competition between them intensifying the prices of Hosting has come down drastically compared to what it was five to ten years ago. And at the same time deciding between the competitions has also become difficult for the users. So keep in mind that all chap hosting plans are not bad, so you have to do some research in order to get the cheapest hosting deals easily from a good service provider to fulfill both your needs. Cheap hosting plans in today’s terms according to us are anything below $5/mo along with good services.


Decide what Hosting plan will be the best suited for your needs: There are thousands of Hosting providers are many more hosting plans out there in the market to decide from, based on the type of Website you are planning Web Hosting plan should be decided as there are Shared Hosting which can help you host new and small websites which is the most economical and your website will share the space with other websites, VPS hosting which is for higher traffic generating websites and compared to Shared can handle more number of visitors, Dedicated servers is a server which will only host your website and the whole server can be accessed by you and these will be costlier, Reseller Hosting is for webmasters who would like to sell hosting services or for people who have multiple big traffic generating websites to access and manage multiple websites at one place. So decide on what type of hosting plan suites your need depending on the type of Website you are planning, start with the Shared or VPS hosting and then depending on the amount of traffic or people visiting you can upgrade your hosting plan.


Check for User Reviews on Hosting Deals: It is best to check and read multiple reviews by users who will share their personal experience about the Hosting plan which you might be looking at. The reviewer might also suggest other hosting plans or companies which he/she might have found better than the one you are looking for and give you other options of problems which he/she might be facing from the hosting provider. You can also use HostGator discount coupon codes to redeem prices on web hosting.


Take help of your friends who are into blogging or already own a website: Friends or other people who you know are into Websites can give you a good insight into the type of hosting which will be good for you and also the companies and which hosting provider can give you the best deal. So explain your need and ask your friends and relatives to suggest you what they feel is the cheapest hosting plan for your needs and requirements.


Personally keep a note on all deals from various Hosting companies: Once you have selected or Finalized on a few Hosting plans from various hosting providers you should now personally sit for a while and have a look at each of the hosting plan which you were suggested and you personally finalized and take note. You should also check whether the service provider is offering services like, 24×7 live chat, email, cPanel access and other such features for free or charging for them as they can also increase the hosting plan price considerably. In the end you are the best person to access and decide on which hosting plan is the cheapest for your needs and according to your estimates.


Check for any Coupons or Affiliate links for discounts: and finally after you have decided on certain hosting plans you need to check for discount coupons and affiliate links which will help you decrease the cost of your hosting plan even further. Keep an eye out for any festivals or Offer days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday on which days you will be getting some great discounts on Hosting plans so if you have time on your hands waiting for such deals will give you the cheapest possible deal for Web hosting plans.


Following the above steps will surely let you get the Cheapest and best hosting plan deals out there and make sure that you are smart and look out for deals and coupons and also look for good service along with cheap rates, as in the end we want our website to run smooth and fast for the cheapest possible price.