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Fire Effect On Photo Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Fire Effect On Photo Adobe Photoshop tuorial,Using Image-rotation and Filter-wind in this easy photoshop tutorial,fire effect on photo.

Final Image.

Fire Effect Result

I Using This Image Form Download

Randy Orton 1

Step 1: Select Plygonal Lasso Tool


And Select Area.

After Selection

Step 2 : Simple Press Ctrl+J Select Area Copy on New Layer

New Layer

Hide Background Layer and select area and del,

Selection Area Del

Step 3 : Press Ctrl+Shift+U

Ctrl Shift+U

After Layer Penal Ctrl+J New Layer on.


And Press Ctrl+I.


Marge the Layer.


Step 4 :Creat new Layer and Fill It Black Alt+Backspace and down layer 1


And Ctrl+E marge layer.

Ctrl+E Marege

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