In this Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn how to design a mascot based on the Firefox logo, and mimic the fire effect using the pen tool and gradients.

Materials Needed:

  • Smoke
  • Faux glow
  • Globe icon
  • Star brushes

Editors Note: Non-English Pictures

Some images in this post show a non-english version of Photoshop. This should not affect your ability to complete this tutorial as all settings should look exactly the same.

Step 1

Start with creating a document. Mine is 800×600 pixels. This is a nice workspace when creating icons.

Step 2

Draw a base shape of a fish body using the pen tool. This can be any fish you would like.

Step 3

Open the layer styles and apply a gradient with a yellow-orange-red-kind of color to make that fire-feeling and set the gradient-style to mirror. Now set the angle to 45º

Step 4

This is how your fish-shape should look like so far(if you did the same fish-shape as I did).

Step 5

Now we are going to make the eye of the fish.

Select the ellipse tool and draw a fully round circle. Hold down shift when applying the circle to make it perfectly round.

Open the layer styles and apply this styles

Step 6

Make another shape above our round circle and add some outerglow.

Step 7

Make a firey shape. This will add a nice fire-effect to our eye. Open the layer styles and apply some outer glow.

Step 8

Now we are going to set our body on fire using pen tool (I know, funny choice of words).

Make a long pointed shape. Apply a layer mask () and use the gradient-tool() to fade it out.