Version:  Maya 2008
Hi everyone this is my first tutorial I hope you learn it and
Sorry for bad English

Step 1:
You must create a character to animate and it must be a cycle animate
You can use any character for this tutorial
I m use a Butterflies for this project and animate it in 23 frame
Remember each peace of character must be freeze transform, delete the histories and group them together
Flying Butter Fly

Step 2:
Now duplicate your character in each frame
Flying Butter Fly

Step 3:
In the dynamic menu go to particle tool and create particles in your scene
Flying Butter Fly

Step 4:
Now select all duplicate character in your scene and in the particle menu go to instancer option
Reset menu and set the settings
Flying Butter Fly

Now click the create button

Hide your duplicate character

Flying Butter Fly
Step 5:
Select particle and in the attribute editor => add dynamic attribute => click on general button
Set the setting

Flying Butter Fly
Add the attribute
Now go to Per Particle (Array) Attribute
Right click on (random_fly) and hit create expression
Flying Butter Fly

particleShape1.rando_fly = rand(23);

Hit the create button

Now go to the instancer tab in attribute editor
Flying Butter Fly

Step 7:
Select particles and bind a uniform field set the magnitude 50 and use a turbulence field and set the magnitude 200 or any value that you want
now play the timeline
scene file
Flying Butter Fly

Thank you