Generate a Exclusive Break Apart Text Effect in Photo shop. During this tutorial, I will advise you the steps I accepted create this Produce a Unique Break-Apart Text Effect with Urban Background in Photoshop. It is really an intermediate level tutorial so some steps could be tricky, why not need trying: The written text itself is comprised from wooden texture, together with some particle brush effect. You’ll be using techniques just like layer blending options, warp tool, image adjustments, plus some paintings with custom brushes.Getting a good business card company, might help streamline your marketing efforts.This is a preview in the final effect I’ve in this tutorial


 Step 1

Create a new document sized 700px *960px (size doesn’t really matter in this tutorial, you can choose a size suits you) with black background. Create a new layer and use the smoke brush you download, paint some smoke patterns onto the canvas:

Free Text Effects

Load the crack texture into Photoshop, and use the rectangular marquee tool to select a portion as shown below:

Gimp Text Effects

Copy and paste the selection onto our document, compress the texture down and apply the following perspectives with the free transform tool:

Runescape Text Effects

Use a soft eraser to fade the edges around this crack layer,

Flash Text Effects

Then, add the following 3 image adjustment layer as clipping mask to this crack layer:

Black and White (set this adjustment layer’s opacity to 70%)

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Illustrator Text Effects


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