How To Generate A Exclusive Dream World Featuring Your Logo. In this tutorial we’re visiting explore some methods for compositing images to create a dream world scene. We’ll also consider a method for converting the composition right into a creative logo mockup.


Here’s a look at what we’ll be creating.


Step 1

Let’s start by gathering some images for our micro world scene. After some exploring around the web, I came up with this group of photos:

Parking Lot
Apartment Building
Flying Birds
Vintage Car
Step 2

Let’s use the parking lot image as the background and the apartment building as the focal point. I want to place the building where the cinder block is located.


I used the Clone Stamp Tool (S) to remove the cinder block. It doesn’t have to be perfect because most of this area will be covered by the building.


Step 3

Before we add the building image to our scene, lets remove the windows from the left side. It’s easiest to do this when working with the original larger image. Grab the Clone Tool once again and begin selecting source areas (Option+Click), and painting over the windows. This will come into play later when we add the logo image to the wall.


Now we need to clip the building from it’s background. I used Quick Mask Mode to paint the selection area. Be sure to include the grass, sidewalk and some of the surrounding shrubs.

Flying Birds

Once the selection is completed, copy and paste the building onto a new layer in our composition. Once again, I used the Clone Tool to add a bit of extra grass and sidewalk to the left and right of the building. Zoom in very close and do this with a 2-3 pixel clone brush.

Vintage Car

Step 4

Next, we’re going to add some trees behind the building and cover up some of the brick wall. Clip the trees from their background using the Quick Selection Tool (W). Paint the blue sky background, and then invert the selection (Cmd+Shift+I) to select the trees and a portion of the grass.

Apartment Building