Text Effect

How To Make A Gold Text Effect In Adobe photoshop. Hi everybody. In this fast and simple tutorial I’m gonna teach you steps to create gold text effect in Photoshop CS5. I can say that this tut is for beginners because you don’t need any special Photoshop skills to really make it. Hopefully continues to be will are satisfied with the final result. I’ve referred to it as for myself “Casino Gold Text Effect”, because Personally i have tried it mainly in casino related graphics. You can also learn how to play.

We’ll start with making a new canvas. Here I’m using 520×310. Then we will use a gradient fill to the background layer. I’m using green making it seem like a playing table


Text Effect

Than we have to create one new layer, fill it white, and then we will apply texture effect.


Than we have to change the texture’s layer blending options to “Multiply”. Now you will have something like this.


Now we have to enter our text. Here I’m using the Atlantis font because it gives the old casino style look.


Now it’s time to start editing our font layer style settings. Lets start with the gradient overlay.

Blending Options

Next is the stroke of the text.

Gradient Overlay