Grunge Text Background Tutorial For Adobe photoshop. This Photoshop tutorial will explain you how to make your own personal text background.

Make a new document, CTRL + N. Set width and Height to your own screen resolution. In my case this is 1680 x 1050.


Blending Options

Now you can either go find your own landscape image or use the one I used.

Text Background

Now duplicate your landscape background and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. You need to blur your image so all details in the landscape disappears but the colors remain. I used the settings as shown below.

Black Layer

Okay, so now we want to add some grunge effect to the image to get a more dirty look. To do that use a grunge brush. You can find grunge brushes at websites like deviant art, brusheezy etc. If your to lazy finding your own grunge brush use this one. When you got your grunge brush, make a new layer and start painting till you get a dirty look like shown below.

Screen Resolution

Now we want to start adding the text. But before we do that make a new folder to put your text layers in. Set the folders blending option to overlay. Now start adding your text layers with your own text and simply just rotate them. When I rotate the text layers I hold down the SHIFT key so that I want get any random rotations which can make it look a bit weird.

Landscape Background

When you’re done with your text layers you should have a result like this.

Text Layers