how to add tabs in WordPress post and pages

Today in this video tutorial You will learn how to add tabs in WordPress post and pages. This is a complete video guide in Urdu and Hindi. Before you watch the video tutorial, I want tom explain it with the help of screenshots. Adding tabs in your WordPress posts and pages is not difficult. You can do it without coding. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to add tabs in WordPress posts and pages. First of all you need to understand what tabs are and how they work.

Tabs can be used to enhance the beauty of a website. If your website is on wordpress then you can easily add tabs in your contents. Tabs make it easier to for the user to browse what they are searching for. Tabs are used to make the webpage user friendly. Here is an example of tabs.

[tab title=”Tab 1″]Tab 1 content goes here.[/tab]
[tab title=”Tab 2″]Tab 2 content goes here.[/tab]
[tab title=”Tab 3″]Tab 3 content goes here.[/tab]


These are the tabs that we are going to add in WordPress website today. You can place the contents within these tabs. These tabs are similar to the tabs of our web browser. We can open different website in different tabs in one browser. Similarly we open different type of contents in tabs in our web page. So that the user do not need to scroll down and up the page. He/she can browse different contents by just shifting from one tab to other. lets start learning how to add tabs in WordPress post and pages.

Add tabs in WordPress post and pages step by step guide:

Follow these simple steps to add tabs in your WordPress post and pages.

  • Open your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to plug-in

Wordpress plugin

  • Click add new button

add plgin

  • In the search box type SHORTCODES and click search button

`add shortcodes in wordpress

  • You can see that there are a number of shortcode plug-in available. But the one I will use is Shortcodes Ultimate plug-in find this and click on install button

add tabs in wordpress

  • After installation click on activate plug-in

how to add tabs in wordpress

  • Now go to your posts and click on add new post or open an existing post.

how to add tabs in wordpress post

  • Click on toolbar toggle button

tabs in wordpress p;ost and pages

  • Now click on the add tabs button

add tabs to wordpress

  • You can see that by clicking the add tabs a code has been added in the contents box

add tabs in wordpress post and pages

  • Click on preview button to see whether any tab is added in our content or not. You can see that a tab has been added in our post. You can change the name of tabs and contents within the tabs

How to add contents in tabs:

Follow these simple steps in order to add contents in tab

  1. Change the name of tabs:

To change the name of tab Replace the the tab name with  “Tab 1” for first page and similarly for other pages

2. Add contents: you can add contents in the tabs. to add content write or paste the content between tabgroup and /tabgropup tags

For more guide watch the following video tutorial “How to add tabs in WordPress post and pages”

How to ad tabs in WordPress post and pages by ch-mudassir