transparent text

In this tutorial, we learn how to add transparent text to a picture surrounded by a semi-transparent background so that the text can be readable.

transparent text

You’ll need:

Step 1

Open the picture in Photoshop and add a new blank layer by clicking on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette.

 transparent text new layer

Let’s fill the layer with white color by going to Edit > Fill and using the settings shown below.

 transparent text fill

 transparent text fill result

Lower the opacity of the new layer to make it semi-transparent. Don’t worry about making it perfect since we can change it later. I will keep it at 70%.

 transparent text opacity 70

 transparent text opacity 70 result

Step 2

Now, let’s add the text. Select the Type Tool and choose your font and its size.

 transparent text font

Also, make sure that the color of the type is set to black.

 transparent text font color

Now, write your text.

 transparent text type

Step 3

Let’s resize the text now. Select Edit > Free Transform and drag the handles while holding Shift to change the text’s size. We will also reposition the text by dragging it downwards. Press Return (for Mac) / Enter (for Windows) when you are done.

 transparent text free transform

Step 4

Now, we will group Layer 1 and the type layer together. Select the type layer, hold Shift and click on Layer 1.

 transparent text select layers

Select Layer > Group Layers to group them together.

Step 5

We will now make the text transparent. Select the type layer and click on the small menu icon on the top-right of the Layers palette.

 transparent text menu icon

Select Blending Options and use the settings shown below.

 transparent text blending options

 transparent text blending options opacity

 transparent text blending options result

Step 6

Now, we will resize the semi-transparent background to surround only the text. Select Layer 1, go to Edit > Free Transform and resize the background. When you’re done, press Return (for Mac) / Enter (for Windows).

 transparent text resize

Finally, we will change the opacity of the semi-transparent background to make it better. I will increase it to 80% to make the text more readable.

 transparent text opacity 80

And we’re done!

 transparent text