how to design Metal Text Effect in photoshop tutorial in cs4 cs5. We`ll use couple of layer styles, some filters, layer blend modes and clipping mask.

Final Image :

Metal Text Effects

Step 1:Open Photoshop cs4 or cs5 File > New .1200pixels..600pixels

Metal Text Effects01

Step 2: fill Foreground color to black. Then press Alt+Backspace

Metal Text Effects02

Step 3: Add New Layer

Click on New Layer icon at bottom of Layers panel

Metal Text Effects03

new layer named “Layer 1″ above Background layer

Metal Text Effects04

Step 4:Step 4: Go Edit > FillMetal Text Effects05

click on drop-down box to the right of the word Use and select Color from options

Metal Text Effects06

Enter 195 for the R, G and B options

Metal Text Effects07 click ok fills layer with color gray, temporarily hiding the black-filled Background layer from view:

Metal Text Effects08

Step 5: Add Noise

Go Filter menu , choose Noise, choose Add Noise

Metal Text Effects09

Amount to around 150%. Make sure the Gaussian and Monochromatic options are selected at the bottom of the dialog box

Metal Text Effects10

Click OK. The document now be filled with noise:

Metal Text Effects11

Step 6: Go Motion Blur Filter

Create the first part of our metal texture. Go Filter menu, choose Blur, then choose Motion Blur:

Metal Text Effects12

Angle -10°,And Distance 200 pixels:

Metal Text Effects13

You have done this image

Metal Text Effects14

Step 7: Go Crop Away Edges

Because the Motion Blur filter has trouble blurring pixels around the edges of document,

Metal Text Effects15

With the Crop Tool selected good texture area, the dark area around the edges will be cropped.

Metal Text Effects16

Press Enter Only the good texture now remains.

Metal Text Effects17

Step 8: Add Your required  Text

Select the Text Tool from the Tools panel or press the letter T on keyboard shortcut:

Metal Text Effects18

Choose your font from the Options Bar along the top of the screen.

Metal Text Effects19

Now click inside the document and add your required text,I am using my blog name


When done, click on the checkmark in the Options Bar accept the text.

Check Mark

Step 9: Now Resize Text With Free Transform

Edit menu and choose Free Transform, or press Ctrl+T.

Free Transform

Metal Text Effect

To resize the text, hold down your Shift key and drag out any of the four corner handles “the little squares”. Keeping the Shift key held down as you drag constrains the aspect ratio of the text so you don’t distort the overall shape of it.When you’re done, press Enter.

Metal Text Effect

Step 10: Move The Text Layer Below The Texture Layer

Click on the text layer in the Layers panel and with your mouse button still held down, drag the layer between the gray texture layer (Layer 1) and the Background layer. When you see a highlight bar appear between those two layers, release your mouse button and Photoshop will snap the text layer into place:

Metal Text Effect