How to use reddit is a popular social media and news website where members can submit pictures, links and text posts to discuss different topics and drive the quality target traffic to their blog. It is basically a bulletin board system, collecting entries submitted by its users. Reddit has very active spamming filters which can catch you easily if you do not follow even a single rule, but if you do it very carefully, you can easily generate mass traffic you never seen before. Using Reddit can be a bit hard for new members, which is why we compiled this useful and simple reddit tutorial.

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How to use reddit

How to Use Reddit effectively:

Step 1

First of all, create an account on Reddit by clicking on the “register” link on the main page and then verify your account via If you already have an account, you must verify it using this link because Reddit do not send you any activation or verification link.

Recommendation: You can create multiple accounts on Reddit, but remember not to use more than 3 accounts on a specific IP address. To quickly switch between your profiles, you can install an extension in your browsers at

Step 2

If you want to promote your blogs, first of all try to get 100+ Link Karma (Score). You can get it easily by uploading interesting pictures on and then submitting them on Reddit in relevant subreddits.

Recommendation:  Make sure the pictures you submitting to reddit are direct URLs and unique. You can check it from KarmaDecay.

Reddit duplicate

Step 3

Once you have reached 100+ karma, you can submit your site’s links with interesting titles in relevant subreddits that allow links. However, don’t rush. Submit only 1-2 links per day.

Recommendation: Most of Sub-Reddits donot allow links. So first read all the rules or check if other members already have submitted their links. You can also research before submitting the link at

Step 4

After the link submitted, check it in SubReddit /New Tab and try to promote it as much as you can for upvotes in first hour. You can also promote it from RedditPro Facebook Group or by upvoting from your own accounts after a delay of at least 5 minutes.

Always remember, do not try to spam or your account will be shadow banned and your website can be permanently banned in reddit.

All questions are welcomed via comments. We will try our best to reply all your questions to clear your concepts about Reddit. Keep sharing, stay blessed.



  1. hi.. i watched that webinar, to be honest.. before watching, i didn’t know about ( Reddit ) really got huge knowledge from that and this article is also very helpful, everybody want step by step guidelines.. and u did exactly that one.. i bookmarked this 🙂 thanks for helping..

  2. I just want to say thanks sharing these awesome pro tips.
    I was trying to rank my blog links on reddit since last 4 years but never goy any success.
    Following this tutorial, today I got 1000+ targetd visitors, 90% from US just in 12 hrs.

    Thanks again and stay blessed.