One way to get traffic to your site is by joining social media networks like StumbleUpon. This social media network is a content discovery engine. It’s a bookmarking site and search engine all in one. In order to gain benefits from StumbleUpon, you need to know the tricks of the trade. Here’s what you got to do in order to drive traffic to your site using StumbleUpon:

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1. Register: Create your public profile on StumbleUpon and include personal information like your interests and picture. Also, write a brief bio about you and your site, and include a link to your site.

2. Submit your favorite sites: Install the StumbleUpon toolbar for your browser and start adding your favorite sites to the network. Give a thumbs up to the site or write a quick review. These submissions will help build your credibility.

3. Add new sites daily: You have to become a part of the community before you can start receiving any benefits from StumbleUpon. In your daily surfing, make sure to give a thumbs up or a short review to the articles you like. As more people like your submissions/reviews, more people will follow you, which increases the exposure your future stumbles will be able to generate.

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4. Make friends: Since StumbleUpon is a social network, you need to make friends with similar interests. Look at the suggested friends list or the users who endorsed the same articles as you. On their profiles, check out the “How Similar Are You?” section to see whether they have similar interests as you and if you like what you are seeing, add them.

5. Invest time: In order to gain credibility, you need to spend some time on the site. Keep posting new content and making friends. Build a network of people around you that are interested in the same things as you.

6. Send your article to your friends: By now, you will have many active stumblers in your network who are interested in the same things as you. When you have a new article, send it to them and many of them will be happy to review it or give it a thumbs up. Although you can submit the article yourself, it will have a much better effect if others do it for you.

7. Onsite exposure: Make sure you put a Stumble button on your website so that other people can submit your content.