How To Image Convert Vampire Effect In Photoshop

Step 5: Selection Around the Eye

Select Eye

Go to Filter Liquify.


Liquify Eye

Simple Ctrl+D After Image.

Afer Eye Liq

Step 6: Select Brush tool And Color

Brush Color

Brush Setenig

Apply Around the Eye.

Apply On

Select Brush and Apply In Eye.

Select Brush

Apply Around Eye

Step 7: Select Lasso Tool Selection Eye

Slection Ctrl+J

Step 8: Simple Press Ctrl+J New Layer on And Go to Image > Adjustments >

Image Adust

Shadow/Highlighte Setting.


After Image.

After Eye Color

Step 9 : Create Vimpire Teeth Select Lasso Tool And Selection

Select Teeth

Simple Press Ctrl+T And Adjust it.

Adust Teeth

And Ok.


Selection teeth 2.


Simple Press Ctrl+T And Adjust it.

Adjust Teeth2

And ok.


After Adust Theeth

Select Brush And Color.

Teeth Color

Apply On Teeth.

After Image And We are Result.

Vimpair Final Result

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