Image Custom Grid Shapes effect Photoshop tutorial,I have a photograph of a horse and rider jumping that I’ll drop into Photoshop,I’ll add a custom shape to make it interesting.

Final Result.

Custom Bars Shape Result

I Use This Image I’ll add a custom shape to make it interesting.

E Garhood

Step 1: Background layer by double clicking on the word “Background” in the Layers palette. I’ll do this because I want to unlock the layer.

Duble Click

Then press ok Unlock your Layer


Unlock Layer

Unlock Background

Step 2: New Layer” icon at the bottom of the Layers palette.

New Layer

This is what the Layers palette looks like at this point.


Step 3: To fill “Layer 1″ with white,Now I’ll hit ALT+Backspace on my keyboard to fill “Layer 1″ with white.


Step 4: Vector Mask” to the “Original Layer Background”. I’ll go to Layer / Vector Mask / Hide All.

Layer Vector Mask

I’ll go to the custom shape tool in the tools palette.

Custom Shape Tool

Here I’ll click on the drop down Menu to see all the custom shapes,and in this Setting.

Custom Shape Tool Setting

Step 5: And Apply On Image

Apply Custum

Step 6: After-Layer penal ,and go to FX button in Layer penal Drop Shadow.

Blending Drop Shdow

Following the Drop Shadow Setting

Drpo Shadow Effect

And click Bevel And Eboss Follow In this Setting

Bevel And Emboss Effect

After Layer Penal

AfterLayer Pemal

This is one of the results you’ll get by following this tutorial.

Custom Bars Shape Result