Increase Images With Maximum High Quality With Alien Skin Blow Up. To improve image size in Photoshop, you should use an interpolation method for example Bicubic Smoother or Bicubic Sharper for resampling the pixels. Resized images often lose image quality, most noticeably when enlarged. They could display a stair step or halo around some edges, also known as fringe artifacts.

Alien Skin Explode 2 is a plug-in for enlarging images to extreme print sizes. The plug-in uses an interpolation method which increases the dimensions of the picture while keeping smooth, sharp edges. You may enlarge 8, 16, or 32 bit images in virtually any color space, including CMYK, Lab and Duotone, creating this plug-in great for both amateur and photography lovers and also graphic artists. You may automatically make a duplicate on the image before resizing as well as control the quantity of photo grain that appears from the enlarged image. Explode 2 includes over 100 presets for preparing photos for print, saving you time and numerous calculations of the dpi and aspect ratio involved in resizing images for print.

Alien’s Skin Blow Up 2 can resize up to the limit of 300K pixels per side. You can download a demo version of Blow Up 2 at Alien Skin.

So let’s start!

Choose the image you want to enlarge. Download this image here.


Alien Skin

Step 1. Launch Photoshop and open the photo.

Sharp Edges

Step 2. Click File and choose Automate option.

Automate Option

Step 3. Choose Alien Skin Blow Up 2

Skin Blow

The Alien Skin Blow Up dialog box appears.

Alien Skin Blow

Step 4. Click the Settings tab. The list of presets for resizing images for specific sizes and output destinations appears.

Output Size

Step 5. Click the arrow by an output size, such as Large Photo Paper. A set of paper sizes and types appears.

Photo Paper