Interesting text effect With Photoshop. Start of with a brand new document sized 600×600 that has a black background. Add your text utilizing a thin font. The thinner the greater the effect.

Text Effect

Step 2.

Go to the layer panel, right click the text layer and select – Create Work Path. This will convert the text into a pen tool path. Delete the text layer.

Text Effect Action

You should have the path only like below:

Text Effect Button

Step 3.

Go to the brush panel and select a Round angle low stiffness brush, sized 25.

Text Effect Bevel

Now Create a new layer, select the pen tool and set the color in the toolbar orange.

Text Effect Builder

Once you selected the pen tool right click the design area and choose Stroke Path. This is what you should have:

Text Effect Batman

Step 4.

Now basicaly we will have to repeat step 3. only change the brush size to 15 pixels, set the color white and create a new layer.

Text Effect Css