#1: What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source , free blogging platform and content management system powered by PHP and MySQL, and one of the best blogging platform nowadays.It is probably the easiest of all blogging platforms. It is also known for website content management system (CMS) . A Web CMS is basically a bundle or standalone application to create, manage and store web pages. Users of WordPress platform are increasing day by day because it is easier to customize according to user’s needs. More than 60 million websites run on WordPress nowadays.

#2: Why choose WordPress?

Question arises in mind of almost every newbie in the world of blogging , that which platform to choose for blogging and why?

There are some solid reasons why every blogger should choose WordPress :-

  1. First of all it is an open source platform , means WordPress software is freely available online and every one can download and install it , as well as customize it according to their needs , changes can be made easily as its open source.
  2. It is easy to install within few clicks ,even a newbie can do it.
  3. Hundred Thousands of free and premium templates (Themes) are available online , which makes WordPress more superior than any other blogging platform.
  4. Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , as WordPress is SEO friendly , some helpful plugins are there online for SEO which makes WordPress a better option than any other blogging platform.
  5. Thousands of Plugins are available for WordPress online and easy to install with few clicks.
  6. It is one of the best CMS (Web Content Management System) means that it allows user to publish , edit their content easily with zero skills required

#3: Why should you love WordPress?

There are many reasons why you should love working on WordPress , some of them are :-

  • First and the foremost It does not have to look like a blog means that WordPress is so flexible that you can make it look  work on it like a Web page but with the ease of managing a blog and hence you will get the good taste of both.
  • WordPress is everywhere on the web and  is one of the most popular, blogging software packages on the Internet. You can find discussion groups, new features and help around every digital corner easily.
  • Themes galore! Unlike BlogSpot ,Zencart or JOOMLA, you are not confined to a limited number of themes and functions. There are hundreds of free themes to download and use and they can be easily changed and customized.
  • WordPress is a Web-based application so it does not run on your Personal computer or there is no software to download and manage. You can go to a number of Web sites and set up your blog in minutes for free.

Final Words by the author

This was a small Introduction to WordPress Platform of Blogging , we as a team are starting a series of free web tutorials on WordPress , we will start with the installation of WordPress and then gradually move to customization , adding posts, managing WordPress and many more. Our Next post will be Installation Of WordPress , stay in touch as we will are starting these Tutorial series for newbies and hope you will learn from it .