Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

In this Magento store design tutorial, we’ll learn how to install and upgrade modules or extensions. Magento store design services provide a built-in functionality of automatically installing extra modules or extensions for your online store. All you need is the extension’s key and the script will automatically install it for your ecommerce Magento store. In this tutorial, we’ll give a detailed explanation of installing additional extensions or modules for your ecommerce Magento store through Magento Connect. We’ll also go into how you can update your existing extensions or modules for your ecommerce Magento store.

Installing Extensions for Your Magento Store Design

First of all, you need to log into the Magento administrator area for your store design development. Then, go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager for your Magento store development. A new page will open to access the Magento Connect Manager for your ecommerce Magento store, and you will be required to provide your administrative credentials once again.

Magento Store Design Tutorial Magento Connect Manager

When you are logged in to your Magento store design services, you will see 2 tabs: Settings and Extensions. We recommend that you open the Settings tab first and verify the options selected before doing anything to your Magento store design development.

In the Settings tab, you can configure various options if you know what you are doing. If you don’t know what you are doing, it is much safer to leave all options set to their default settings or else it could affect your Magento store development.

Ecommecre Magento Store Extensions Settings

The Preferred State option in the Settings tab controls the state of the extension you will install for your store design services. There are 3 states to choose from: Alpha, Beta and Stable. It is recommended to use the Stable option for all the extensions you install for your ecommerce Magento store, especially for live sites. Although the Alpha and Beta states give you the opportunity to test the latest features of the extensions, they are not recommended since they might have bugs and disrupt the functionality of your ecommerce Magento store.

It is extremely important that you make a backup of your Magento store development before installing or upgrading extensions. This way if a problem occurs while installing or upgrading extensions, you can easily restore a working backup of your Magento store development.

Once you have created a backup of your Magento store development, open the Extensions tab in the Magento Connect Manager and click on the link to Magento Connect.

Magento Store Development Extensions

A new window for Magento Connect will open, which will show all available extensions for your Magento store development. A search functionality is also present, and modules are sorted into categories.

Magento Store Design Services Find Extensions

There are many different types of extensions for your store design development. Some are paid, while others are free. In both cases, downloading an extension from Magento Connect needs registration before you can get the extension key. After choosing an extension for your store design development, click on the Install Now button and select the version of Magento Connect according to your Magento version. If you have Magento 1.5 or newer, select version 2.0 for Magento Connect, otherwise leave it at 1.0. Finally, click on the Get Extension Key button to get the extension key.

Magento Store Design Extension Key

Copy and paste the extension key in your Magento Connect area, click on Install and then click on Proceed.

Magento Store Design Paste Extension Key

The new extension will automatically be installed. If any problem occurs while installing, you will be informed about it and guided accordingly. After the extension is installed for your store design development, a successful installation screen will appear. You can then go back to the admin page and change its options according to your needs and demands.

Updating Extensions for Your Store Design Development

To check for upgrades for your extensions, click on the Check for Upgrades button in the Extensions tab on the Magento Connect Manager page.

Your store design services will connect to the server and check for available upgrades. If an upgrade is present, the extension will be colored yellow and you will be able to upgrade the extension for your store design services. Select the desired upgrade version from the Actions drop-down menu and then click on Commit Changes to upgrade the extension.

Magento Store Design Upgrade

Once your extension is upgraded, you can check whether any new configuration settings are available for your extensions. If there are any, you can configure these settings as you need or leave them to their defaults.

After installing and upgrading extensions for your store design services, make sure your online store is functioning properly and there are no errors.

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