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How to Apply Custom Taxonomies, Tags and Categories to Attachments

Although WordPress doesn’t allow you to assign tags or categories to your uploaded media, it’s extremely easy to do so. Not only that, you can even create a custom taxonomy in just 10 minutes!

EaseUS Partition Manger Review

When a new hard disk is purchased, the disk comes with single volume. For security purpose, it better to partition the disk. Data in single volume can be risky due to virus attacks and

The Best Ways To Search For Class Services In India

As the technology is getting more and more advanced there are many things that can be found over the internet and the latest addition to these are the online class services in India. If

How To Make Comments Ribbon Icon in Photoshop

We have seen a lot of different stylish comment forms under every blog post. Today we going to learn How To Make a stylish Comments Ribbon Icon In Photoshop! Today we will learn how to Create

How To Make Quick Sign In Form in Photoshop

Learn How To Make Quick Sign In Form In Photoshop! Today we will learn how to Create Quick Sign In Form in Photoshop. We will firstly create the black background, then we will work on the many layers,