Painting Effect With Nuances Tutorial in Photoshop CS4 artistic effect how to create a painting effect with nuances of colors in cs4 photoshop.

Final Result.

Final Result

Step 1:Choose Your Image

i have choose this image.

I use Image

Setp 2:Go Filter menu>choose Artistic>choose Fresco

Filter Artistic Fresco

choose Fressco

Dresco Ok

Step 3: Create a New Layer

Go layer meny new layer

Layer New Layer

New Layer

New Layer

Step 4:Blend Mode Color

Color Blend

Step 5:Now Select The Gradient

Now Select Gradient

And Choose The Color

Select The Color

Choose Your color I select this color 1″fed806 2″f2092a 3″fb04cf

Color Select

Step 6: Apply Gradient on Image

Apply Gradient

Here We Are Final Result

Final Result