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How To Photo Effect Fade Into Line Drawing In Photoshop

how to Photo Effect fade into line drawing in photoshop,use stylize-find edges and adjustments levels or Layer Mask Photo Effect fade into line drawing in photoshop,

Final Result.

Final Image

I Use This Image.

KamPerlAnd TaLlshIp AStrid

Step 1: Right click on the image and make a Duplicate copy key board shortcut key Ctrl+J.

Duplicate Layer

Step 2:  Copy Layer selected in the layers palette, apply the “find edges” filter by going o filter>stylize>find edges.

Filter Stylize Find Edges

After Image.

After Image

Step 3: Open the levels adjustment box with image>adjustments>levels

Image Adjustment Level

Following setting.


Step 4: Aad Layer Mask.

Add Layer Mask

Your Foreground color is black and your Background is white.

For Black

Step 5: Gradient tool

Gradiant Tool

Select Gradient.


And Apply Gradient.


Final Result.

Final Image

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