Final Image

Here We Result

Photo Mirror Effect Adobe Photoshop Tutorial In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to look at how to easily Mirror effect in photo this effects tutorial.

Step 1: Select your Image

I Use This Photo.

Use Image

Open image and copy layer keyborud key Ctrl+J.

New Layer

Step 2: Go menu Viwe Now Guide

View New Guide

Vertical for the Orientation Then enter 50% .

 New Vertical 50

You have Guide center of image and select Rectangulor Marquee tool and select your maen area And Press Enter.

Select Area Enter

Step 3: Go Edite Menu Select transforum and Flip Horizantal

Edit Transform Flip Hori

And Move the Flip Horizantal.

Click To Remove

Step 4: Simpel Press Ctrl+d And Go Viwe Manu And Choos Clear Guide

View Clear Guides

Here we are Result

Here We Result