In Photoshop this tip will show you how to quickly change the color of your dress or any items in a image. you change dress color Using Variations.

Final Result Image.

Here We Result

1 :Open Your Any image

i use this image

I Use This Image

unlock you image go layer box and double click Background Layer.

Double Click Layer

Press OK unlock your layer

Unlock Layer

Right click you Layer 0 and duplicate layer ,Shortcut Key.keyboard Press Ctrl+J.

Duplicate Layer

Name you  layer  1.

Layer 1

And we have Duplicate layer.

Have Duplicate Layer

Step 2: Select Pen Tool.

Pen Tool

Select you Main Area of Image,select your area and Right Click on the area,Make Selection….

Right Click Selection Areea

Make Selection, Feather Radius.2.pixels

Make Selection 2

you Selsct tha Area

After Make Selection

Step 3:Go image menu> Adjustments>Desaturate

Image Adjustment Desaturate

You Have This

After Desaturate

Step 4:Go Image menu>Adjustments>Variations

Image Adjustments Variations

And Select You Variations.I use this Press OK

Variations Current PickPress OK .and Press Ctrl+D

After Variations

Here We Rustle

Here We Result

I Hope You Like This Easy  Tutorial