Seven Useful Photoshop Short cuts to create Your Lifetime Much Easier. We all like short-cuts 😉 Should you just started learning Photoshop, it’s extremely important to know some good short-cuts to increase efficiency and keep your time.In this article, I’ll share 7 Useful Photoshop Secret Short-cuts to create Life Easier For You when utilizing Photoshop. I’ve learnt these tricks from various sources in past times, hopefully you will find them useful :)It’s time for you to start thinking of your 2012 calendar printing designs, they’re perfect for promoting a company all year round.Ok let’s get rolling!

1: Quickly Turn Off/On Photoshop Palettes

By Default, Photoshop may have a set of palettes and tools open to the left, top and right side on the canvas. Sometimes these could be a little distracting because you want to view the photo only, nothing else.

You may turn off/on these Palettes and Tool simply by pressing the “Tab” key on your keyboard:


1 Tab

Else, if you just want to turn of the palettes on the right, you can press “Shift + Tab” key:

1 SHift Tab

2. Fast Open Files in Photoshop upon Program Launches

When you initially launch Photoshop, you can simply double-click the grey background to bring up the Open Files window:

2 Open

3. Quickly Zoom Image to 100%

If you open a large size stock image in Photoshop, Photoshop will open the file is a smaller scale to fit your screen resolution:

3 File Small

If you need to quickly view the image at 100%, you can simply double-click the Zoom Tool in the toolbox:

3 Doubble

4. Toggle between Standard and Precise Brush Cursor

In Photoshop, there are two display types for Photoshop brush cursor, one is this standard l circle brush type as shown below:

4 Normal

You can switch to the precise mode by pressing the “Caps Lock” Key on your keyboard, the brush will turn into the following shape:

4 Precise

5. Temporary Enable Access to Hand Tool

Occasionally you need to temporarily enable hand tool to move the image, especially those large ones (or zoomed-in ones). You can simply press the spacebar key on your keyboard to turn the cursor into hand tool:

5 Hand

This trick is quite handy if you use a graphic tablet and need to move between different areas of the image.
6. Quickly Adjust Brush Opacity and Flow Values

You must hate using your mouse to adjust the opacity and flow of the Photoshop brush settings on the option bar. I guess you will be delighted to know that you can simply press the Numbers key on your keyboard to adjust the opacity value, or press Shift + Numbers Key to adjust the Flow value:

6 Op Change

7. Draw Perfect Circle and Square

Photoshop marquee tool is the tool when it comes to drawing simple shapes:

7 Marque

One thing you need to know is that you can hold down the Shift Key to draw a perfect circle and square:

7 Shift