KiwiG PhonTunes

iTunes is the default music player that is used to sync and put music on iPhone and iPod Touch. However, iTunes work only on Macs and Windows, which leaves Linux users at a disadvantage. Furthermore, there is a vast amount of Windows users who use a different media player (like Winamp) to manage their music library and don’t want to move their whole library to iTunes just because they bought an iPod Touch or iPhone.

In this article, we will learn how to put music on iPod without iTunes and how to put music on iPhone without iTunes. The most common way to do so is by transferring songs from the computer manually. It is a rather complicated process and requires you to have a good understanding of how your computer works. The average user may not have this knowledge, though there are numerous tutorials all over the internet that could help you. However, there are some methods that are much easier than that. Over here, we will look at once such method of putting music on iPhone and iPod without using iTunes. We will do that by using a free, third-party software application that will make things much easier for you. You will probably be surprised to know how easy the whole process actually becomes by using the KiwiG PhonTunes.

Put Music on iPhone with KiwiG PhonTunes

KiwiG PhonTunes is a free software that allows you to download free music as well as transfer music across different platforms. It can not only help you put music on iPhone and iPod, but also on your Android devices, computer and external hard drives. The application can run smoothly on all the latest operating systems. The user interface is highly intuitive and allows you to interact with all the audio tracks stored on your computer and all the connected devices. KiwiG PhonTunes can automatically detect all iOS and Android devices and show their contents effortlessly on the left-side column. It can also detect any duplicate files and mark them so that the user can either keep them or remove them.

Music on iPhone with KiwiG PhonTunes

KiwiG PhonTunes allow users to make different types of transfer. For instance, you can browse songs on your iPhone and right click on the songs you want to transfer to your iTunes, computer or any other connected device. This way, you can effortlessly put music on iPhone or backup your music on a folder on your computer all from one application.

Editing music information and details is also quite easy with PhonTunes. You can not only change the song’s name and rating, but also modify the genre, artist name and album title. You can also assign a cover image to specific songs. Furthermore, you have the freedom to listen to songs without leaving the current application and opening a dedicated media player.

All in all, the KiwiG PhonTunes is a great and extremely handy application for quickly putting music on iPhone and other iOS devices, Android devices, computer and any other external hard drives. The application can not only look for duplicate files, but can also change the details of songs and transfer batches of songs between multiple devices without any hassle.