Here we are going to make fire Effects which we will create using by the Photoshop. you can see the Final Image Below.

Step 1: Open a car image for this effects which you want to create so get an image from internet or from your computer.

Step 2: Now create a new layer and then press Ctrl+Backspace to fill it with black. Now you shoud reduce your opacity of this layer up to 70% now you can see the your car.

Step 3: Now Go To in Filter Menu & Then Render & Then Lens Flare and try to put this flare on the center of our front wheel .

Step 4: After This you have to right click on the Marquee Tool and select Elliptical Marquee Tool option to draw an ellipse. It must be the bigger than our wheel and lens flare must lie inside it.

Step 5: After That Go To  Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap and use these settings:

Step 6: Now Use This Tool By using  Select > Modify > Expand and use a value of 30 pixels. its because we need more space for next step.

Step 7: Next Step will be the which you like to go  on  Filter > Distort > Twirl and set a big angle:

Step 8: Next Step will be the just press Ctrl-D to deselect. and Go to Filter > Stylize > Wind and use the wind settings shown below.

After that just press the Ctrl+F once or twice to make the Relevant Effect Stronger.

Step 9: This step is most important step where you will create fire by using Filter > Liquify. Than Use (about 19 pixels) Brush with the Forward Warp Tool to play with your image. Don’t forget we are using the Liquify dialog box.

Now be patient its not look like fire, we will do it soon! be with me & do next step properly.

Step 10: Next Step is that to change the opacity of your “fire” layer (Layer 1 by default) to 100% again

Step 11: Now Press Ctrl-B to open up the Color Balance dialog box, and use the following setting shown below:

Step 12: very good done it now let do next step Change of Layer 1 to Screen to eliminate black areas by using the Blending Mode.

Step 13: Now We have to adjust the color of our fire so go to Image > Adjustments > Levels (or press Ctrl-L) and use the settings shown below:

Step 14: Before we finish! Go to Filter > Distort > Ripple and use a value around 115%

After That Final Result shown Below:

Now Get Duplicate to use Wrap Tool or Try to create y0urself  by reading this.


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