Real Tears View By Face

Final Image we are going to create the view of the Real Tears View By Face using photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial I would like to invite your attention to the unique technique how to make realistic view tears effect. So, in the beginning you should find a good picture to work with. You can try to find it on stock Pay your attention that the form must be how much more uneven to be similar to a real tear. When we are done with form, then change layer mode to Screen for the current layer and apply following Blending Options: • Drop Shadow • Inner Shadow • Inner Glow • Bevel and Emboss • Gradient Overlay The result should be next: Looks good, but not so realistic for now. I would like to bring some white glare to this form. Select the Pencil Tool and brush about 1 pixel, then make a few dots with white color on the new layer like on my picture below. After that apply Blur Tool to current layer. We got a nice realistic view result isn’t it? Don’t be afraid to experiment and you will get your own cool effects! Real Tears View By Face


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