Realistic Skin Painting Photoshop Tutorial. This tutorial will help you throughout the steps needed to take order to color a realistic our skin. As you have seen in the preview picture, we’ll be working with a few basic circles so that you can quickly grasp how to apply this to one of your drawings and paintings.

First, we’ll need to begin with a good middle-tone skin tone. Here we used #92675e as our base.


Skin Color

Next, we’re going to apply some rough basic shading. The following colors are what we used to achieve it:


We used a small, hard brush at 60% opacity, since that allowed us to gradually transition the colors and quickly shade the circle.


Now, increase your brush size and continue shading, this will smooth out the transitions.


Continue smoothing and blending the colors. You can optionally use the smudge tool as well, if that helps.


Since the object is resting on a surface, it would certainly get some reflections from the light. We need to correct our lights and shadows to take this fact into consideration.


Since skin tones are not a bland light/dark variations of a single color, on a new layer, we’ll blend in some pink, blue, green and yellow using a soft airbrush at full opacity.


Skin Tones

After mixing it in, we’ll change the layer blending option to “Soft Light“. Here’s what we get: