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Online Casino

My first visit to the Euro Palace online casino was through a review I found on a dedicated online gambling website, advertising a great welcome bonus offered by the operator to new depositors. At first I was a non-believer, considering that such a big bonus must have something fishy behind it (like overly harsh playthrough requirements or something similar), but I must say I was wrong. Probably the review was not quite well written, or the author misunderstood the offer on the Euro Palace website, I don’t know. But later the bonuses and promotions have become less interesting for me, and I started returning to the casino for the games.

The first thing I noticed about Euro Palace was its color – blue. It uses blue almost in excess, but it combines it with other – brighter – shades in a way that’s not a bit wearing. Blue is used as a frame for the colorful grid of games on their first page.

Like the Dos Equis guy said in the popular meme, I don’t always play casino games, but when I do, I play them free. Then again, I don’t always play for free, but… OK, I’ll stop, this is already getting annoying. So, one of the reasons I keep returning to the Euro Palace casino is that I don’t have to log on to play my favorite games – all of them are available in “Demo” mode on their website. Of course, I sometimes feel like increasing the excitement level of my playtime and gamble a few bucks, but I don’t always… OK, OK, I stop!

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I am a slot machine fan. I don’t play the slots for money – I know it has among the worst odds of all casino games – but for fun. I find slots to be a relaxing way to spend a few minutes away from a boring job or a mad, mad world. I enjoy not having to make any decisions, just sitting back and letting chance decide if I win or lose. I think this is the best part of the game – the complete lack of expectations from the player. When playing the slots, all you have to do is insert a coin (or not even that if you play free online slots) push a button, sit back and wait. Even from this passive stance the game is exciting and fun – although I can’t quite put a finger on why.

Among the free games available at the Euro Palace online casino you can find many fine video slots, but also classic casino games like blackjack or roulette, video poker, scratch cards and casual games – something for every player out there. Use it to relax, to have fun, or just to try them out before deciding to register and play for real money.