How to Remove a Person from a Picture

In this simple tutorial, we’ll learn how to remove a person from a picture as shown below. This is the before and after image.

remove a person before and after

You’ll need:

Step 1

Open the woman picture.

remove a person woman

Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N to create a new layer and select the wall facing towards us by using either the Polygonal Lasso or Pen Tool.

 remove a person wall selection

Step 2

Remove the woman by using the Clone Stamp Tool. You should also save the selection by pressing Select > Save Selection because we will need it later.

 remove a person wall clone

Step 3

Notice how the patterns emerge again. To remove this, choose the Patch Tool and duplicate the cloned layer.

 remove a person patch tool

Your layers should look something like this:

 remove a person layers

Keep the following settings for your Patch Tool:

 remove a person patch tool options

Select an irregular section on the patterned area and drag it on the good area as shown below.

 remove a person patch tool use

Repeat these steps until the entire pattern is removed.

remove a person patch tool use result

Step 4

Now, load the saved selection by clicking on Select > Load Selection and press Ctrl+Shift+I to invert it. Remove the lady’s hand, knee and some of her feet by using the Clone Stamp Tool.

 remove a person lady clone

Step 5

Now, choose Filter > Vanishing Point, select the Create Plane Tool by pressing C and create a grid like this:

 remove a person vanishing point

Select the Stamp Tool by pressing S and remove the lady’s feet. Also, keep the brush’s opacity low so that it will blend better.

 remove a person vanishing point result

Step 6

All we have to do now is remove the little imperfections. See how the wall’s corner looks fake.

 remove a person wall corner

We’ll correct this by using the Clone Stamp Tool. Select this tool and then select a source point like shown. Now, click on the corner’s base and then Shift-click on the upper corner.

 remove a person wall corner clone

 remove a person wall corner clone result

You can do some more cloning according to your liking as I did to achieve the result below.

remove a person

And we’re done!

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