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Shiny Sparkle Text Effect With Adobe Photoshop

Shiny Sparkle Text Effect With Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial will advise you a simple path for making a nice glowing sparkles text effect, using a handful of brushes and glow layer styles.

The Final Result:

Shiny Sparkle Effect


* the software used in this tutorial is Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
* the size of the final result image is 1024 * 768
* you might want to check the Basix Page to see some useful topics on dealing with Photoshop basics, such as loading palettes and some shortcuts.


* Modified Diamond Sparkles Brush.

Step 1:

– Create a new layer on top of the Background layer and call it “Gradient”. Set the Foreground color to #724242, and the Background color to #3c1a1a, then, create a Radial Gradient from the center of the document to one of the corners.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

Double click the “Gradient” layer to add a Gradient Overlay. Change the Bland Mode to Overlay, the Opacity to 80%, the Angle to 45°, and the Scale to 150%. Then click the Gradient box to create it.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

Use the colors #dc4800 (to the left) and #430401 (to the right) to create the Gradient.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

This is what you should get.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

Go to Filter -> Sketch -> Water Paper, and set the values as shown below:

Shiny Sparkle Effect

This will add some nice looking sparkles to the Background.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

Step 2:

Create the text in Black. The font used is Aardvark Cafe and the size is 500 px.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

Double click the text layer and add an Outer Glow. Change the Blend Mode to Vivid Light, the color to #a6dc6b, the Size to 10 and the Range to 100%.

Shiny Sparkle Effect

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  • Thank you so very much for sharing this tutorial. This is a very simple and wonderfully looking effect. You don’t need to be a PSD expert to make such a pretty thing, which is awesome!
    My only remark would be about the modified diamond sparkles brush. It’s nowhere to be found to be downloaded, so I had to jiggle with the brush settings doing trial and error, until I got a similar effect. It’s not really that hard, but it would be a big time saver if those three extra images of the brush settings were there.

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