Learn how to convert your photos into Thermal Photo Effect, In this tutorial I will show you exactly how to do similar effect in Photoshop,Thermal Photo effect in Photoshop.

Final Result.

Here We Result

Step 1: First open any image.

I use this image

Face Image

Step 2:  go to Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation or press Ctrl+U

Image Adjustments Huesaturation

and apply these following setting.


Step 3: Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J

Duplicate Layer

Go to Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur

Filter Blur Gaussian Blur

apply these following setting

Gaussian Blur 1.6

Step 4: Set the layer blending mode to ‘Overlay’

Layer Overlay

Step 5: Merge the layers together by pressing Ctrl+E. Again duplicate the layer and go to Filter> Blur> Motion Blur.

Filter Motion Blur

And apply these following setting

Motion Blur 90 55