get perfect domain names

Picking the perfect domain name for your business is one of the most important things to do while making your presence on the Internet. A domain name ends up becoming the brand and face of your business. Hence, one must spend quite some time choosing a domain name. There are several important constraints associated while registering a domain name and the top five are mentioned below.

get perfect domain names

#1 Use Correct Spellings

People have a tendency to type in the correct name of your business when they are searching for it on the Internet. This might come as a surprise when you think of success several companies like Tumblr and Flickr have enjoyed. But those are counted under exceptions. After these companies, several businesses tried registering their domain with dropped letters just to experience failure.

The dropped letter domain names are usually used when the same name is unavailable. During such times you can go for a top-level domain names with a much precise extension. These names come with an extension like .photography, .restaurant, .builders, .clothing, etc. instead of .com.

#2 Keeping the Name Small

Shorter is better. Short domain names are easy to spell and remember than the longer ones and hence often end up creating a brand for your business. For example, it’s easy to use, spell and type instead of One of the best thumb rules for analyzing that your name is easy and short is to say it on the phone. You want the person of the other end to understand and remember exactly what to type into the browser URL after the conversation.

However, it’s important that your short domain name is clear and makes sense rather than being short for the sake of being short.

#3 Registering Relevant and Unique Domain

Registering your business URL from the available domain names remain your primary concern. If you have a very common name for your business, it will be very difficult for you to get the same domain name as your business. Thus, make sure that your domain gives the customer a brief idea about what you do or what is your product. Such domain name helps you to give people an understanding about what your business is all about and what would they get after visiting your website.

For example, if your company sells fishing rods and accessories and you’re thinking of purchasing the domain, customers might misjudge your domain name to be that of a drinking water company. And thus there is possibly a better name out there for you.

Another important factor to choose a unique name is to avoid customers getting confused with other businesses’ names. Such names can also infringe on other businesses’ trademark. Hence, in order to avoid this, you can make use of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s searchable database to verify your business name against other products or services.

#4 Pay if you are Getting the Best

Finding a domain name that perfectly matches your business name is quiet impossible. Today, almost all common names or sequences have been registered. It’s most likely that your business name has already been registered by somebody else. If you are too possessive about the name and have the budget, you can approach the registrant of the domain name and purchase it from them at the price they quote.

In such conditions, you can even approach an independent or corporate broker to guide you through the process and close the deal for you. However, purchasing a top-level domain would be a less expensive alternative.

#5 Protect your Brand

When your business is making presence on the Internet, you must ensure to protect your brand. And in order to do so, one of the primary measures is to register various extensions for your domain name along with some common misspelled versions. This will help you in preventing competitors in registering other versions as well as redirecting them to your main website even if they mistype it.

Wrap Up

The above top five tips for picking the perfect domain name for your business will help you in registering an appropriate name for your website. However, one must act fast as thousand hundreds of domain names get register every day. And it’s very difficult to guarantee that a domain name available now will be available after an hour.

Hope the above tips help you to get one of the best available domain names for your business.