Transparent Text on wall in Photoshop how to create transparent text on wall it is easy tutorial in Adobe Photoshop.

Final image.

Final Result

Step 1: Find yourself a nice photo of a wall to put your logo on

IUse This Photo

i Use Pisa Campo wall

Setp 2:Use Text Tool

Text Tool

Horizontal type tool setting

Text Setting

Type your text

Type Text
Then Type your Text Are You Re size your text keyboard key Ctrl+t

Rsize Image

Step 3: Right Click on text Layer and option Rasterize type

Right Click Rasterize

then press ctrl+t select your text

Ctrl T

Step 4: Then Right Click on the Text choose option skew

Right Click Text Skew

skew Adjustment text

Skew The Image
After skew Adjustment

After Adjustment

Set The Blending Mod for the layer

And Here We are Result

Final Result