Intensify photos with vivid colors in just a few simple steps! This Photoshop effect is perfect for fun vacation photos and is easy for novice Photoshop users.

Step 1

Open a photo you would like to edit. Or, you may use the photo used in this tutorial but the best way is that you may choose the photo which is you like to edit according to your desire.
Step 2
Vivid Glow
Duplicate the layer (Layer> Duplicate or Ctrl+J) and change the blending mode of the new layer to Soft Light.
New layer with a soft light blending mode.
Step 3
Vivid Glow
To increase the saturation, we’ll use the Hue/Saturation tool. Open the Hue/Saturation tool (Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation or Ctrl+U) and with the preview checkbox checked, increase the saturation as desired.
Hue/Saturation Tool
Step 4
Vivid Glow
If the effect looks too hard, soften it using the Gaussian Blur filter. Adjust the radius in the Gaussian Blur filter sparinly. Using a radius that’s too large will reduce the effect and may create halos.
Gaussian Blur Filter
Step 5

To reduce the intensity of the effect, simply reduce the opacity of the top layer.
Final Results
Vivid Glow
Rollover the image below to see the before and after effect.
Vivid Glow Photoshop Tutorial