Make Water Shute Splash Effect In Adobe Photoshop

After Image.

Plastic Warp Image2

Go To Filter Sketch Chrome.

Filter Skech

Chrome Setting.

Chorome Setting

After Image.

Over Lay Image2

After Go To Edite Fade Chrome.

Edit Chrome

Fade Setting Overlay .

Fade Overlay

Chorme image2

And layer Penal Blanding Mode Setting Hard light.

Hard Light 2

After Image look Like This.

Hard Light 2 Image

And Simple Press Ctrl+T And Mouse Right Sewlect Warp.

Warp 2

And make Shep.

Warp Setting2

Hide Layer 2.

Hid Layer 2

Select Eraser And Eras  Area.

Sellect Eraser

Eraser Apply

Show The Hidden Layer And Here We Are Finale Result.Water Water Water

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