15 sites for IT Training

15 sites for IT training: might have experienced the feeling you get when you register for an IT course but are unable to find any related resource to it which could train you. Well, this is because you have not searched the internet quite well. You will not believe but there are many sites which have been designed specifically for the purpose of providing you training resources for your IT exams, certifications or assessments. It is not false that nowadays there is a lot of competition due to which you need to do more and more IT courses and certifications. You register for every test but at the end of the day you find out that you do not have any way to prepare for it. Well, do not worry as you are not the only one with the problem.

It might be difficult at first to find your desired website from the long list which you will find on the internet. In fact, your main task lies in finding the most “authentic” websites that are ready to provide you with the real exam and training resources which you need. You do not have to get into the fraud of those websites who are selling you fake information to exploit you. Well in this regard, we have arranged a special list of the top 15 sites for IT training resources. Yes, now you do not have to go through all of this hassle just to find your desired websites. The following list contains the top websites which are highly authentic and will provide you with the most authentic resources which you need.

The top 15 sites for IT training resources are:

1. Testking

The first one of 15 sites for IT training is TestKing. Want to prepare for you certification exam with real exam questions? Well, this company will provide you an edge by proving you some real exam questions and will guide you throughout to clear you certifications.

2. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is one of the top companies in the world for producing laptops and many related products. It offers many resources regarding its certifications which relate to the management and development of its products.

3. Magento

Magento website provides you detailed certification resources which you will need to clear Magento certifications for application development.

4. The Open Group

Providing a wide range of certifications for IT specialists, The Open Group websites comprises of many resources which will guide you to prepare for its certifications.

5. Juniper Networks

This website will guide you in detail for the ways to prepare for Juniper Certifications and provide you all the necessary resources.

6. Braindumps

This company will make available for you the best guidance for many advanced certification vendors. It contains real exam questions for certifications which will aid you in the preparation of your exam.

7. Symantec

Symantec is one of those vendors who are there to provide you security solutions. On its website, you will find detailed information regarding it certifications and many resources for them as well.

8. Pass4sure

This is one of the top IT certification exam questions providers. It provides information for many certification companies so that you can prepare quite well.

9. Apple

The website of Apple, the best smart phone developer in the world, is surely amazing. It contains detailed information and resources which will guide you to prepare for it certifications. It gives details regarding each and every requirement which enables you to decide which certification will suit you the best.

10. Microsoft

Microsoft is the company is one of the most recognized and old in the world known for producing windows operating system. Its website has got a number of detailed resources which will guide you in every step for preparing for its certifications.

11. Riverbed

The website of Riverbed provides you the chance to take training courses and avail other services which it offers. This website guarantees to provide you the most authentic resources for the certifications of many Vendors.

12. Zend

This website provides you detailed resources regarding PHP and Zend Framework certifications.

13. Avaya

Avaya is one of the best companies for providing certifications and their resources as well. You will find here most of the content relating to Avaya certifications for networking, implementation and maintenance.

14. Adobe

Adobe is the company that invented the famous PDF format. It comprises of many resources which are aimed at its products in the market.

15. Pega Systems

The 15th one of 15 sites for IT training is Pega Systems. This is also one of the top websites which provide you resources regarding Pega certifications. There are detailed resources as well as information available for the guidance of these certifications.