Zombie Background Tutorial For Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial we will be learning how to turn a boring old hill top into a creepy zombie background. This is an beginner level tutorial so for the most part all the steps should be easy as long as you know how to use a layer mask.




In this tutorial the first thing we need to do is pick out a nice looking hill. I chose this picture original.jpg but you can use any picture you want. Now that you have your base picture the next thing you need to do is round up your zombies. Obviously this picture is about zombie so it is very important that you have a good selection. I would suggest that you go onto google and find the best looking zombies that you can find, because finding zombies is a lot easier than making zombies.  After you have selected your candidates the next thing you will need to do is select each zombie and color them black.


This will give them a black silhouette and will help them blend into the picture.   After all the zombies are painted black the next step is to select them and scale them down to size. To do this select each image and press Ctrl+t and manually drag the pictures down until you get the size you want.

Blend Mode

P.S. If you hold down shift while your scaling the image, your picture will scale proportionately.

Step 2

Now that we have the zombies, the first thing we need to do is get rid of the sunny blue sky. To do this we will need to add a layer mask to the picture of the hill.


Then we will need to select the newly created layer mask and use the paint brush to paint away the unneeded sky.



Once the unwanted sky is gone we are going to move on to the ground. Now with the ground we can’t just erase it so instead we are going to add some texture to it. This will make it look more forbidding and give it a grungier feel.  The first texture were going to add is this dirt texture Dirt_Texture III_byAimiStock.jpg

Take this picture and place it so that it is covering the hill.


After you have placed this dirt texture into Photoshop you are going to add a layer mask and brush away the unneeded texture.

Layer Mask

select the dirt texture layer and set the blend mode to Overlay.

Texture Layer


The next texture you are going to add is this green dirt texture green 1.jpg. Just like the others after you are done placing it, you are going to add a layer mask and paint away all of the unwanted texture and set the blend mode to Overlay. After you are happy with your new texture you are going to paint the top left part of the hill black.



Now that we have added some texture to the hill we are going to create a new layer and paint it black. Then we are going to set the blend mode to Saturation and the opacity to 83%.

New Layer


With the ground finished its time to shift gears and start work on the sky. The first thing we need to do is find a picture with dark clouds. I used this picture dark_clouds.jpg but you can use any picture you want.

After you have selected your dark clouds you are going to set the blend mode to Darker Color.

Blue Sky

use the layer mask to paint away the bottom half of the picture so that you can see the hill.

Black Silhouette


Now we’re going to add some birds to the sky. Once you have the bird brushes you are going to paint in some birds around the tree.


You are also going to use a soft round brush to darken up the sky, so that it has a nice even feel to it.

Step 8

In this final step you are going to use this texture wall texture.jpg to give the entire picture a overall grungy look.  To do this you are going to select your wall texture and set the blend mode to Soft Light and the opacity to 56%.

Dark Clouds

Now that we have finished our zombie background it’s time to look back and compare the original picture with the end result. ( click to see full size )


I think that it’s amazing how you can easily take a ordinary picture and make it look amazing.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and wish you best of luck.

Zombie Click